Start A Garden In Las Vegas

If you think you can’t grow a beautiful garden in Las Vegas because the weather is too hot, think again. There are hundreds of drought tolerant plants you can choose from that can handle the heat and will give you a beautiful landscape. Read on to learn more about gardening in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is brutally hot and it can be hard to keep things alive, especially if you want to grow plants that are not native to Las Vegas. Growing grass can be a challenge and it you have to water it constantly which is a huge waste of water, especially when Las Vegas gets so little of it.

Instead of spending time and energy trying to keep a lawn alive, you are better off working with the environment you have and that means working with what you have. Only plant native plants in your garden and your garden will not only look good, but it will also use less resources.

You can find native plants and local nurseries and you can also go online to gardening sites and get a list of native plants in your area. These plants are going to have an easy time growing in your environment and they are going to look better and use less water.

You won’t have to work so hard to keep your garden looking good when you stick with native plants. They don’t need much water and with basic pruning and weeding, they are going to grow strong. You won’t have to amend your soil or mix in expensive fertilizers because the soil is already going to have everything that the plants need. Using native plants keeps things simple but will still give you good results.

There are a wide variety of native plants you can choose from. You can plant beautiful flowers or you can stick with bushes and shrubs. When you have your list of native plants, you can start to explore and design a garden that is going to look as good as anything you have ever seen. You don’t need to fight nature. Go with what you have.

Native plants are the way to go if you want to garden in Las Vegas. They look much better and they fit in with environment. You will save a lot of money on your water bills while still enjoying a beautiful garden.